Common Questions

General Questions

  • Can I Stop By For A Tour?
    • Tours of Lucky Puppy Club are offered daily during our normal business hours
  • What Time Can I Drop Off & Pick Up?
    • Anytime during our normal business hours
  • I Am Running Late, Can I Still Pick Up?
    • Yes, but anything outside of our normal business hours will come with an afterhours fee
  • My Dog Is Not Neutered Yet, Can He Still Come?
    • Yes, we do not require dogs to be altered. We welcome all breeds and temperaments to stay and play at Lucky Puppy Club

Boarding Questions

  • How Do You Charge for Boarding?
    • $35 / night strictly by the night, regardless of drop off or pick up time, no hidden fees
  • Is Playtime Included?
    • Yes, boarding dogs are included in the daycare activities for no additional charge
  • Do You Provide Food?
    • We encourage owner to bring pets own food to avoid intestinal distress, and are happy to accommodate individual feeding needs including raw diets
  • Can I Send Toys and Treats?
    • Feel free to pack whatever you like for your dog, we do not allow rawhide chews
  • We Have A Last Minute Trip, Can I Drop Off?
    • Yes, we can usually accommodate last minute plans
    • If it is a holiday we are likely to be full and may not be able to make space, please plan ahead whenever possible
  • Our Christmas Trip Is Cancelled, Can We Get A Refund?
    • All holiday reservations require a $50 deposit, per pet which may be refunded up to 10 days before your scheduled drop off, if you must cancel after this time you forfeit your deposit

Daycare Questions

  • It Is Raining, Should I Still Drop Off?
    • We let the dogs play in the rain as long as there is no thunder or lightning, but will also let them stay inside if they prefer. *Please note that dogs are highly likely to get dirty on these days*
  • What Vaccinations Are Required?
    • We require rabies, distemper parvo and Bordetella. We can administer Bordetella and DHPP for $18 each, per pet.